Testimonials from our Advertisers

Got the issues. Thank you! Looks great! The article is clean feeling, to the point, well structured and professional. Congratulate your writer please.

P.G.Bayshore HealthCare

Luxury Report Magazine has done an outstanding job of promoting my work. As soon as I started advertising with them my business boomed! They are honest and easy to work with. I highly recommend them without reservation.Thank you David for all your assistance.

Esther,Faces By Eskala

Dear Luxury Report Magazine:
A little note to express my sincere gratitude for the great ads for the Sinclair Restaurant so well done in your magazine. Thanks to your hard work, we have seen a commensurable influx of new patrons coming through our doors! After my years of working with your team, this particular one has been the BEST! That proves that common loyalty always delivers.
Thank you so much for helping me so gracefully along the years!
Best regards,

Gino Mourin, Sinclair Restaurant

Luxury Report is terrific! We had 4 customer calls as soon as the Fall issue came out. It means our advertising dollars are at work! Thank you Luxury Report.

Natalie M from Cameo Sofas

Just wanted to say Thank You! A client came in last week with the magazine in hand congratulating us. It was nice to see!

Pascale Gillon Luciani Infiniti (@lucianiinfiniti) | Twitter

Men ONLY Concierge, a division of Hovsepian Services, has received only professional and courteous service from everyone at Luxury Report. Our regular advertisements in Luxury Report have benefited us with the right exposure and new connections. We recommend to anyone who has a service or product to consider Luxury Report as a great investment in the future of their business.

Ruth Hovsepian, Founder & Owner

Just wanted to let you know that we are happy to have worked with such talented people such as the writer and graphic artist. They were so nice and professional. We were very lucky to be able to work with them. Congrats to your team!

Pascale Gillon Luciani Infiniti (@lucianiinfiniti) | Twitter

I would like to thank you very much for the nice article you wrote about my company. That accompanied with the full page ad brought me a lot of exposure! It is only 2 years that I started advertising with Luxury Report Magazine, and I must say that people have noticed my ads! I have received several phone calls as a result of the ads, and though not every call can be a sale, I have to admit that I did manage to get 2 very good customers! Sometimes all it takes is 1 customer and then word of mouth. I have received several referrals from just that 1 customer.
I thank you for convincing me to advertise again this year and I think I will continue to advertise in Luxury Report Magazine in the coming years! I would recommend your magazine to others. It is well laid out, good quality paper with interesting articles. Thanks again and see you next time.

Joseph A. Caporicci, TONY CAPORICCI INC. Landscaping

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Luxury Report Magazine. David gave me an opportunity to introduce a new business concept to his readers through ads and articles about the personal concierge industry. He has deep and detailed knowledge and out-of-the-box ideas about marketing and advertising.

Ruth Hovsepian, Founder & Director at Men ONLY Concierge and Montreal Errand Runners

I wanted to thank you for the editorial you did on us in your last issue. It is amazing how people actually read the articles in your magazine. I had someone come through my showroom looking for me because they knew I as the owner after reading your editorial. Your magazine is a successful advertising medium for my company reaching an affluent clientele in the areas we want to target. Wishing you continued success.

Olivier Proulx, President Cuisines Modena Inc.

Luxury Report has been a valuable focus for our advertising resources in several ways. It has helped my company to stay in contact with our past clients and it has introduced new customers to our extensive selection of Persian and oriental rugs. The brief articles have proved to be a friendly and efficient way to communicate some of the possibilities of decorating with Persian carpets. We also appreciate the association through the magazine with many of the premier retailers in the Montreal area.


I just want to start by saying what a pleasure it was to work with your talented and creative staff. They did an amazing job on the article and photos.

Nicola, Fleuriste Poinciana

We are extremely happy to be working very closely with Montreal's Luxury Report Magazine! They have a huge affluent readership in print in addition to an incredible online visibility attained through Facebook, Twitter etc. We are very confident about our choice and so we will be advertising with them for all of 2014. Everyone is seeing and hearing about this exciting magazine even on the radio! We therefore, strongly suggest/recommend working with them as they truly deliver the exposure/visibility that businesses badly need in order to succeed!

Gino Mourin, Owner, Restaurant Sinclair

We have been advertising and will happily be continuing to advertise with The Luxury Report Magazine for the entire year in 2014! Their uniquely effective advertising vehicle has an incredibly large affluent readership that is our ideal target market! In addition, they give us coveted visibility, exposure, branding online through their vast social media platforms which we greatly appreciate. We recommend working with them!

Éric Quesnel, Director Sales & Marketing, Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu

I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted to advertise in Luxury Report or not. I decided to give it a try. I sell very upscale products and wanted to reach such a market. LR targets this clientele. In my first advertisement I was pleased to get a good response which turned into orders. I feel so good about advertising in LR that I committed to all issues in the coming year.

Marty Cooper, Martin Industries Inc.

Thank you, the ad looks great and I am getting positive feedback!

Laurence Essiminy Diamonds

We've had nothing but a positive experience with Montreal's Luxury Report Magazine. They have given us great exposure and visibility. We highly recommend this magazine.

Frank Lyman Design

Working with David and Luxury Report was a fantastic experience! His team was very professional and put together a great article and advertisement. The combination of a well written article and a great looking ad brought in a great return for my investment. I'll definitely be looking forward to doing business with Luxury Report in the future!

Boutique Tozzi

The article was really good for me! Thanks! You don't understand the business I got!

Carolina Montes, Real Estate Broker

Working with The Luxury Report Magazine has been an amazing experience! The article that was written on me gave me incredible exposure and lots of new potential clients. I will definitely continue to work with them!

Carolina Montes, Real Estate Broker

What a beautiful issue #15 is! The article on our building was just fantastic! Already getting feedback -«GOOD WORK!» Many thanks and looking forward to the next issue of Luxury Report — love your magazine.

Royal Westmount

Just wanted to thank you very much for taking the time to work with us. The article looks great. We were very pleased with the end result. Thanks again!

Barbra, Boutique Pinkrubi Inc.

I would just like to thank you for the not one but two fabulous articles on me in your amazing magazine. What a thrill and an honour! So many listeners from my radio show made comments about it. I have travelled and lived around the world, and your take on Montreal Luxury is world class. I am truly flattered!

Donna Saker, Midday Host - The Q92.5

Nous avons été impressionné de la qualité du travail de toute l'équipe. Ce qui nous a permis d'obtenir un impact important auprès de notre clientèle qui on apprécié le professionnalisme de notre annonce publiée. Nous pouvons remercier grandement le support de l'équipe graphiste qui on su représenter de façon juste l'image de notre entreprise. Nous sommes devenu des clients fidèles aux services attentionnés et professionnels de l'équipe de Luxury Report.

Christian Desaulniers, Chef Propriétaire - Le Petit Tablier - Traiteur

The luxury report magazine, in my opinion, is a perfect match for my photography business. It's a quality print publication that brings fresh and positive content. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to advertise their business.


What a smart move - advertising in Luxury Report! I attended an event shortly after the magazine came out and was amazed at how many people came up to me to comment on the ad. It was mind-blowing that several women, when introduced to me, remarked that they recognized my name from my ad and article. I have advertised in numerous vehicles in the past 10 years and this is the first time that I ever got such feedback. I am confident that the Luxury Report was a great choice for me and my business.
Keep up the great work!

Mayme Vineberg, Intimate Settings

Since I put an ad in the Luxury Report Magazine, I saw a difference in the quality of the people that called me. This is exactly the customers I want to reach. I got a very good response, Thanks again.

Rene Roy, Director of Multi-Ménage Sélect

The Luxury Report Magazine has helped my business tremendously. Within the first week of publication the traffic at my store increased by 25%! The staff were very kind and helpful. I recommend the Luxury Report Magazine 100%!

Frederick, LXR 2nd Hand - Luxury Products

The crew at Luxury Report Magazine show amazing professionalism from start to finish. They deliver exactly what the client is looking for and cater to helping you in all they can do for your business.

Tina, Personal Training and Wellness Services

I was very pleased and received a response from a number of people even from the West Island. I will be putting an ad in again.

Johnna, Billionaire Brows

Je tiens a vous faire savoir que votre magazine a été pour notre salon un grand succès. Merci de votre service de nous tous salon Femme.

Claudia, Femme Coiffure

I am glad to have chosen The Luxury Report to promote my new business. The service is always impeccable and my ads look amazing. I have received many calls and leads as a result of my advertising campaign with ‘LR’, and I would encourage any business, big or small, whose target market is the affluent and high end clientele to do the same.

Christine Pilon, Concierge Privilège

We are very excited and pleased to have chosen to advertise with The Luxury Report Magazine. We definitely recommend it to all other serious minded businesses. The finished product by far exceeded our high expectations. They are very professional and deliver exactly what they promise to do if not more! We are looking forward to a very long term business relationship.

Joan Liberman, Splendid Chocolates

Advertising in the Luxury Report brought the store good traffic. Thanks.

Marie & Josée, Boutique Liv

Sante Mobile A-1 wanted to thank you for your professional dealings with us, and for your excellent magazine, Luxury Report. The artwork is wonderful, and we were very pleased with the structure of our advertisement, which certainly explains the nature of our business. We hope to continue our association in the future. Thank You!

Antonio Izzo, Sante Mobile A-1

I wanted to write and thank you for showcasing our foundation on your Charity Report page. We are always grateful for the opportunity to let people know more about what we do. The staff at the Luxury Report was wonderful and we are very pleased with how the final page looked.

Gail Mendelman, The Mack Belson Foundation

I was very impressed with the professionalism of the creative arm of Luxury Report Magazine that assisted me in developing my ad for their publication. I was also very pleased with the caliber of reader that responded to that ad. Luxury Report Magazine tapped into the exact target market that I had anticipated.

Allan Becker, Garden*Guru

To date we have received outstanding service and support from the Team at Luxury Report Magazine. We highly value their advice and suggestions and look forward to a long-term relationship with them. They are sure to set the standard for luxury publications in Montreal. Great work!

Brigitte Fejzic, Jet Set Getaway

We are very happy to have made the decision to advertise with Luxury Report Magazine. Not only are the ads beautiful and the articles interesting but it is great to be part of a magazine that is designed for such an affluent market.

Valhalla Design

I'm getting a lot of good comments and reaching a lot of new people. Anyway, I'm very happy to have made the decision to have an ad in your magazine.

Centre Ballroom Dance Sport

The magazine is beautiful, organized, and begs to be kept. The articles are interesting and the ads don't seem to outweigh content. As an advertiser, I am enjoying the reach of the magazine, receiving calls from pockets of people who have never heard of Edible Arrangements, despite my bombardment with other mediums. Thanks! Looking forward to the next edition.

Edible Arrangements